Meet Alida Haarhoff

Alida is an intuitive counsellor, teacher and healer in the esoteric and metaphysical fields.

Using a unique blend of tools such as tarot cards, numerology and family constellations therapy, Alida uses her highly developed intuition to guide people on their life’s journey. She helps to identify self-limiting patterns and energy blockages, while connecting directly with your soul energy to understand what it needs, to help you reshape your life and manifest your life’s purpose.

‘Maginta’ represents healing through inspiration and guidance that will help you to take charge of the important aspects of life.  To help access guidance for others, Alida’s readings are done through Tarot CardsNumerology and Family Constellations therapy.

Alida also teaches Tarot and has an in-depth understanding of the cards.  She works with corporate clients and individuals, and attends various corporate functions, festivals and events. Alida has regularly been featured on Heart Fm and Mutha Fm Radio.

Alida Haarhof - an intuitive councillor, teacher and healer in the esoteric and metaphysical fields.

Consultations and readings can be done via Skype – Click to call via Skype now.

Did you know?

Who Is Maginta?

People often ask me where the name Maginta comes from? Maginta is my spirit name and was channelled through to me by my spiritual teacher after I had been through a significant spiritual transformation and was readying myself for my own spiritual teachings.

Interestingly enough my own name Alida and my spirit name Maginta in numerology both add up to the spiritual master vibration number 11 which supports my journey as the spiritual messenger.

What Is A Spiritual Name?

It is your spiritual or soul identity. It challenges you to live in your highest consciousness and helps you progress towards your ultimate destination. Making the choice to receive a spiritual name is taking a step toward leaving old patterns behind and connecting with your soul purpose.

What Is An Intuitive Counsellor?

An Intuitive counsellor contributes counselling and guidance as well as Intuitiveness impressions. My sessions with my clients includes me tapping into my higher intuitiveness to help with counselling guidance and wisdom to help people change their lives. Because of my continuous spiritual training and experience my client sessions are professional and detailed. My goal is to provide you with as much support and insight in a loving, yet direct and detailed way.

What Is The Difference Between An Intuitive Counsellor And A “Psychic”

There is not much difference although an Intuitive counsellor will advise and council you in the areas you feel stuck while a “psychic” or a “spiritual medium” is only here to deliver messages from the other side.

What Is A Reading?

A “reading” is just a description of a session with me. I use my intuitive abilities to sense, feel, “hear” and/or “see” the energy fields of a person. I also include tarot cards and numerology to receive more information to give to you. From this energetic field emanates the energy of emotions, feelings, influences, and desires. I then interpret it for you to the best of my abilities including the reactions and other people around you, possible outcomes, and estimated time frames.

Do I Make Predictions?

Yes I do, I have the ability to accurately make predictions however my aim is to guide you in making the “correct” choice not a “predicted” choice. You have the power of free will to apply in your life and I will support in you in it. I can help you to identify if the time period is correct and which would be the easier route to get to your destination. Nothing is ever cast in stone though.

What Is A Soul Coach?

Yes a tricky one this one, but a Soul Coach to me is someone who is guiding you through what your soul requires at that moment in time.

What Is A Soul?

The soul is the immortal essence of a human being. We all have a soul and I believe your soul has accumulated lifetimes of experiences to evolve you to who you are today. The body that you have is merely a vehicle for you in this lifetime to transport your most precious possession; your soul. Therefore you should also take care of your body and mind as it has a task to fulfil. Our souls are continuously evolving through all the experiences.

Are We Good Or Bad?

Life to me is journey incorporating negative and positive paths, I don’t see mistakes at all, I see “choices”. Yes in some cases you could have made a different choice but if that experience has helped you to make “better” choices in your future then that experience has served you and you have learned. I believe that all will come to an equal end at the end of time: what goes up must come down, until we settle into the perfect balance in ourselves, the yin and the yang, male and female or negative and positive energies fully balanced within ourselves.

Do I Practise Witchcraft?

No absolutely not. It’s an area that I stay away from. I believe that you are the captain of your own ship, supported by a Higher force and that it is up to you to take responsibility for your life and amend your life accordingly through the education yourself.