Full Numerology Reading

R 850.00

Explore your soul purpose, plan and karmic patterns through the ancient art of numerology.

The reading

A full 1.5 hour numerology reading that is based on the Pythagorean system to reveal more about your unique purpose, personality, challenges and life patterns.  Learn more about numerology.

Alida Haarhoff provides a detailed and accurate view of your personal life challenges, strengths, karmic lessons and what lies ahead. You can also have a detailed numerology reading done that will look into any relationship to reveal your compatibility and the lessons you’re here to learn.
If you order a numerology reading via email, Alida will send you a detailed, personalised report.


$72 payable via PayPal
R850 for SA residents
via Skype / one-to-one/ email

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Full 1.5 hour detailed numerology reading – R700-00 SA residents (or $72 payable via PayPal)


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