Feature: rose quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. Purifying and opening the heart at all levels, this crystal encourages unconditional love and helps restore trust and harmony in relationships.


With its gentle pink essence, rose quartz carries a soft feminine energy and can help to promote love, self-love, friendship and feelings of peace.

Bring rose quartz into your life as a forgiveness stone to restore self-trust and self-worth. In times of grief, this powerful pink crystal helps dispel negativity and replace it with a positive new love vibration.


Use rose quartz for:

  • Self-love – Rose Quartz helps you to stay focused on loving and healing yourself.
  • Love, love and more love – this love stone helps open your mind to love and can soothe negative influences.
  • Meditation – connect with rose quartz by placing it in your hand while you meditate for a blissful boost to your heart chakra.
  • Health and well being – it can help improve circulation, calm, the adrenals, reduce blood pressure and heal the kidneys.



Where to place rose quartz:

  • In front of all your doors, so people enter your home with love
  • Near your bed or in bedrooms
  • In the heart of your home
  • Under the mattress (under the heart)


Remember: If you want to attract a loving vibration to you, you need to change YOUR vibration first