Smoky Quartz enables you to look beyond. It’s almost as if the smoke in the stone absorbs the haziness that holds us back from our intuition and psychic insight

When you need to take time to understand the cause of a problem, Smoky Quartz can provide wonderful clarity and insight.

What I love the most about Smoky Quartz is its ability to banish negative energy and protect you.


Use Smoky Quartz for:

*Serenity *Positive thoughts *Calming fear *Lifting depression

  • Grounding – to keep you rooted.
  • Protection – from unwanted and negative energies.
  • Meditation – for a deep connection with your root chakra.
  • Health and wellbeing – bring calmness in, while soothing headaches, backpains and eases muscular spasms.

Where to place smoky quartz:

  • In front of all your doors, for extra protection
  • Near your bed or in bedrooms
  • In your office space, if you have one
  • Wear it as a protective stone


Remember: Be conscious of fear vibrations so you can change them to the energy of love