Courtesy: Kayla Maurais


Smudging is the burning of herbs with intent to manifest change in emotions, thoughts, surroundings and reality. It’s a practice that connects cultures, religions and belief systems throughout history for cleansing, healing and spiritual purposes (and it’s earliest use can be traced to ancient Egypt!).

Courtesy: Kayla Maurais

Homes and bodies are made of physical matter which vibrate with subtle, invisible energy. Cleansing a space, or our bodies, with smudging helps us to clear away all the emotional and mental ‘garbage’ that may have gathered over years.


It’s helpful to think of smudging as an energetic ‘spring-clean’ and the act empowers you to take responsibility for your wellbeing.


The effects of smudging can be surprisingly swift and dramatic – where people report instant effects which range from increased happiness and peace, along with greater success.


The ritual itself can help you release stress, attract love, soothe anxiety or give you energy. From rosemary and lavender, to Impepho (African Sage) and cedar, different herbs can be used for different purposes.


How to smudge:  


  • Prepare the area – ensure it is well ventilated, your smudge stick is insulated and your space is free of clutter
  • Focus on your intent – hold it clearly in your mind before lighting it with a candle flame
  • Smudge yourself before you smudge the space – fan the smoke with your hands or a feather from top to toe
  • Bottom to top – when smudging a space, work from the lowest level of your house and move upwards (remember to fan smoke into corners and behind doors)
  • Smudge yourself again one final time 

Remember you can cleanse objects by fanning smoke over them and don’t smudge near people with respiratory problems such as asthma or pregnant women.